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Screencast 300x162 Create Screencast using Camtasia StudioYou see those crazy youtube screencast on how photoshop works or how to write in word? Well you can bet your dollar that it was created using Camtasia Studio. Capturing and recording screen based activity and making a video out of it is what Camtstudio stands for.

The recording of cursor based activity, movement and other interactions are easy now. Click on the Record button and every single movement on the computer screen is recorded until you click on the Stop button. The results are great since Camtasia now has a new capture engine which allows it to even record in HD, 30 frames per second.

The Video editor has got a major overhaul, now you can import videos in various formats , ranging from MP4 to to WMA. Multiple videos and sounds can be played at the same time on screen, even animations can be provided to an entire group of clips thus saving time and effort.

The Canvas is the part of the project where you can directly work with objects. You can resize, reposition objects, dragging elements on the Canvas now shows certain alignment guides which help to position the objects and elements. This helps to create some rather fancy and great visuals.

Anything on the Canvas can be hyperlinked, although there still is a caveat, you need to use TechsmithsSmartplayer and export the MP4, so websites like Youtube, Facebook or other sites won’t work. If you want to use the website from your own website then the only solution is to allow TechSmith to host your video on, when you purchase Camtasia you get 2GB of storage and 2Gb of bandwith per month free on Screencast website

Camtasia Studio also has the ability to include interactive quizzes or polls in your videos, while this feature was available in the earlier versions of the software, it was very cumbersome to work with. The TechSmith server now works hard to gather data and provide information about the performance to the user.

The inclusion of a bigger library of themed assets which help to look good together is always a plus point. This includes more downloadable animations, backgrounds, banners, buttons, callouts, motion, music, and graphics from TechSmith’s website. Even transitions, which were a pain in the earlier version of Camtasia Studio have been fixed and no more do transitions affect the timing of the video, in fact they work perfectly and end up right on top of the tracks, staying right where you expect them to be.

Camtasia Studio has a lot of deep options for users to get into to create interactive videos but it is not as daunting as it seems and even novice users can work easily and creatively in a short time, all due to the interface being so user friendly. There are brilliant tutorials available online as well on the TechSmith website, both video and pdf formats. The are camstudio tutorials at the start of the program is also present hence you have something to work on right away and create those stunning screencast tutorials as you always wanted.


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