Review: PlayStation 3 (PS3)

In 2004 Sony re-launched PlayStation 2 (PS2), making it more

compact and with popular games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas the
redesigned model of it helped breathe new life. Even today it is found on
shelves and you can pick one for just $99.
Thereafter Sony thought of further trimming down the
PlayStation gaming console and make it less expensive than at what the PS2 was
sold at that time. The gaming giant came up with PlayStation 3 (PS3) and it
took over the market at a good speed, even taking down the Nintendo Wii and
Microsoft’s Xbos 360. Let us find out what Sony offered with the new PS3 gaming
console and what not.
The PlayStation 3 (PS3) from the house of Sony is affordable
as it is priced tagged just $299. It is slimmer and has compact design. Its
operation is less noisy and you can play all the games in high-definition (HD).
The user interface of PS3 is easy. It is equipped with 120GB hard drive,
built-in Wi-Fi as well as built-in Web browser.
The worst part of PS3 is its non-supporting nature to the
games made for PlayStation 2 (PS2). Also, the gaming console lack infrared
port, which means any universal remote cannot work for it. Moreover, if we
compare the PS3 with Xbox Live it is not fully developed I must say. Well,
things are improving. Sony is trying to make it better than before with every
PS3 Versions
There are three versions of PS3. Those are as below:
PS3 Slim (160GB) – Priced at $300, the PS3 Slim has replaced
the original 120GB Slim PS3. It has 160GB hard drive.
PS3 Move Bundle (320GB) – The PS3 Move Bundle is priced
tagged $400 and includes PS3 with a 320GB hard drive. This version of PS3 is
equipped with PlayStation Eye camera, a copy of Sports Champions and
PlayStation Move controller.
PS3 Slim (250GB) – This version of PS3 is sold with
packed-in accessory. It has 250GB hard drive. It is priced tagged at $395.
The PS3 consumes less of power. Hence, if you are looking
for more energy-efficient operation then this console is well suited for you.
As earlier  mentioned, the lower price tag of PS3 is an added advantage. Apart
from all these, it has built-in Blu-ray and got multimedia capabilities. At the
end I must say the PS3 offers compelling package at budget price.


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