Top 10 things to do when you visit Japan

Top+10+Things+to+do+when+you+visit+Japan Top 10 things to do when you visit Japan

Japan is one of the main tourist attractions in Asia. It has rich history, great temples and good cuisines. If you want to pack your bag and baggage for Japan in your next international tour, mind that you surely do and visit the below given top 10 things.

Check Ancient Sites at Kyoto

You may know the capital of Japan was not Tokyo between 794 and 1868. It was Kyoto and now the place is bathed in history. The most iconic reminant here is the gilded kinkakuji, which was once the retirement villa of shogun. Now it is a Zen Buddhist temple. There are seventeen World Heritage sites in Kyoto and it houses around 2000 temples and shrines.

Stay Overnight in a Temple

In your visit to Japan, apart from wandering and watching multiple temples, it will be really a great and once in a life time opportunity if you stay with the monks at one of the Koya’s mountaintop temples. For guests there are about fifty such temples where one can stay and get the Koya experience. Join early morning prayers with the monks and pilgrims and see the difference in your life. It is strongly suggested for peace loving people.

Experience Gallery Hop on an Art Island

Visit Naoshima in the Seto Inland Sea and check the three big art galleries and several smaller ones. The best one is Tadao Ando-designed Benesse House, which is in fact a sleek hotel with gallery hosting work by famous artists like Frank Stella, Bruce Nauman and David Hockney.

Don’t miss the Ski Niseko

Ski Niseko is a small ski resort town in Hokkaido and of course it has the finest powder in Japan. There are 3 big ski resorts here – Grand Hirafu/Hanazono, Niseko Annupuri and Niseko Village. You get opportunities for telemark skiing, ice climbing and boarding through virgin snow here.

Try some Traditional Accommodation

There is no better accommodation than making a night at a traditional Japanese inn that is called as ryokan, which mean an unforgettable experience. Remember, this won’t be cheap. Well, you can opt for the smaller and less formal ones and it can be economical, but it will give you less luxurious experience.

Soak yourself in Natural Hot Spring

Don’t feel shy getting naked and soaking yourself with strangers. The natural hot spring waters, or as termed as communal onsen, has been used for centuries to relax and heal. The earliest mention in history dates back to 1300 years to bathers in Dogo, Shikoku. Even today Dogo is one of the most renowned onsen resorts in Japan. At the center of the resort you will find big three-storey Dogo Onsen Honkan of 19th century. It is an architectural gem housing a bathing room. Apart from these, there are uncountable numbers of public baths and ryokan too, and of course all worth stripping off for.

Old East Side of Tokyo is a must-see spot

Don’t miss Sensoji in Tokyo. It is a Buddhist temple in Asakusa. Also, the tiny Hanayashiki Amusement Park is a must-see spot. It is home to retro rides including rollercoaster. Other places to visit in Tokyo are Rokku Broadway for historic theaters and Kamiya Bar.

Hike the Northern Alps

Japan is also known for its breathtaking peaks. You must be knowing the Northern Alps. It is considered as Japan’s premier hiking grounds. You get both the choices of easy day hikes to week-long adventures here. So challenge yourself as per your fitness for hiking. There are about 10,000-foot peaks and virgin forests, and believe me all are unspoiled by crowds.

Oh yes! Peace Memorial Park and Nuseum of Hiroshima is important

The place is dedicated to the August 6, 1945, victims of atomic bombing. Pay a minute tribute here and pray for global peace.

Sample the B-Grade Gourmet

Cuisine is important. The country is known for sushi, Kaiseki and tempura. These three are low-cost culinary and is known as B-grade gourmet in Japan, but of course these are mouth watering.

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