Movie Review : "Despicable Me 2" Summer Animated Movie

Despicable+me+2 Movie Review : "Despicable Me 2" Summer Animated Movie
Summer wouldn’t be summer if there weren’t some great and long time expected cartoons, and this summer certainly belongs to Despicable Me 2. There’s nothing but pure awesomeness and unique humor in this easy consuming cinema refreshment.

This time the story about villains makes room for story about love, which makes this movie softer and warmer from the first movie. Still, there are cool weapons, funny evil characters, some dynamic and amusing action and fight between good and bad guys. Authors did a great job when they made Gru become a good guy at the end of the first part and it gave them a perfect base for the sequel.


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And what makes this animated magic so different than other cartoons? Well, beside the recognizable animation style, it has very original characters. They are the main factor of the movie’s natural humor – they’re very well written and almost perfectly matched. In the variety of interesting situations that movie offers, they simply can’t be boring. Of course, the famous Minions are hilarious. Everything about them, from their appearance to their entertaining language, is just adorable. By the way, their language is not completely made up. Many words are very similar to some words from real languages, and it’s not just “banana“ and “papple“.  Trying to figure out what are they really trying to say would be really an interesting word game.

Speaking of Minions, they actually did a lot of job for this movie even before it was released in cinemas. They were the main commercial weapon and movie trailers were very popular thanks to this little cuties. They actually make up everything we could call the movie’s shortcomings. Shortcomings are not really that big and it depends on the audience. For kids and for the ones who are just looking for a fun movie, this thing is perfect. On the other hand, some of the experienced viewers may be disappointed with a predictable story or lack of plot twists. Still, when we consider it is basically a movie for children, we can easily forgive that kind of story. It still has many messages between the frames. It is totally watchable and you will probably want to watch it again. At least to remind yourself of those great jokes.

Few more words about the humor – it is the magical component credited for this movie’s big success. It is so random that even if a viewer knows what will happen next, he can’t know how funny it will be served.

Finally, let’s conclude this movie is growing, just like its characters and just like its basic audience. There are several more years of their childhood left and it would be great if the authors give us the third part. There’s no doubt it would make many viewers very happy.


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