Chitika ads network review

chitika review Chitika ads network review

The Web world knows Google Adsense too much, but Chitika ads is also not far behind. It is the best alternative to Google Adsense. If your Google Adsense is disapproved, go for it. It is old network, reliable and also pays on time. Below are some pros and cons why you should either go for Chitika or not.

Advantages of Chitika

One of the advantages of Chitika is that they are old advertising network. Hence they are experienced and reliable too. Also, doubtless they do pay. Apart from all these, they are technologically advanced and has good R&D team who are well equipped with all the latest developments in the world of advertising.

Disadvantages of Chitika

The cons side of Chitika online advertising network is that they work best for product based websites. So, if you are reviewing any product on your website, you get more chances of benefiting from it. This is one of the major drawbacks of Chitika for universal websites. More to this, Chitika also needs to improve in recognizing the international traffic. As of now they are best in recognizing the U.S. traffic.

How to add the Chitika advertisements on blogs and websites?

It’s easy. Chitika provides ad codes in JavaScript and you can easily place it on your blogs and websites where you want. Only in the case of mobile ads the choice of spot is meaningless. You need to place it above the tag on the blogs and websites.

Chitika payment terms and conditions

You can withdraw $10 chitika earnings. Remember, it is $100 for Google Adsense. For the $10 payment option you need to withdraw it through PayPal. If you want the payment to be done in check then the minimum threshold is $50. Well, this is also good enough compared to Google Adsense.

Is Chitika ad codes compatible with Google Adsense?

Yes, of course Chitika is compatible with Google Adsense. Neither you need to make any changes to Google Adsense and nor to the Chitika ads. Both can easily go together. Some webmasters even claims using Chitika ads along with the Google Adsense increases the earnings. Well, there are also such people who claim to have experienced lower Google Adsense CTR after using Chitika ads. So, its up to you whether to go with both the networks together.

What are the Chitika ads types?

Below are the types of ads that Chitika network is currently offering to webmasters:

Banner ads

These are the standard advertisements type. Do take note that Chitika does not show banner ads, but yes they do show images with text. There are of course huge number of ad formats in this type.

Mobile ads

If your blog or website is viewed with mobile device then this ad will perfectly suit you. The ads are device compatible and not blog or website compatible. You can monetize your mobile traffic with this type of ads.

In text ads

This is something similar to the Infolinks. The Chitika advertising network offers you Linx. It is CPC (cost per click) based in text link ads.

Hover ads

You can utilize the bottom right corner of your blog or website with advertisement and monetize it. Chitika offers hover ads and it pops in when your visitor is scrolling down the blog page or website page.

Highlight ads

This is something really different from other types of advertisements. It popes in when your visitor selects some text on your blog or website. The highlight ads is then displayed just below the selected text area.

Is signing up and approval easy on Chitika?

Yes, Chitika does not follow any strict sign up requirement. Owner of even smallest blog or website can apply for the Chitika publisher account. Also, the approval does not take much time. Probably within 24 hours of time the Chitika team approves the publisher account. Well, do remember that if you have blogs and websites with loads of traffic then you qualify for the best ads. You are then treated as premium publisher.

Chitika bonus promo offers

It has been seen Chitika offers bonus promos from time to time to publishers. The most common promo bonus offered is $5 startup one. Many publishers have availed it in my contacts, and even me too last year. Also, sometimes Chitika offers double pay of the earning. These double pay are time sensitive. Indeed these offers are a boost to small publishers.

Chitika publisher dashboard

Okay, lets talk about the dashboard of Chitika. It is very simple and comes with easy to use interface. Also, the periodical reporting of it is decent enough along with the each day reporting of traffic, clicks and eCPM.

Chitika referral program

Oh yes, before I forget let me also mention that Chitika is also good in offering referral programs like publishers can earn 10 percent of the referral earning for say about fifteen months.


Not bad. Especially very good if your Google Adsense is disapproved. Though the pay is low with Chitika, but it is consistent. The entire Chitika team works for the benefit of publishers. Certain areas of Chitika need to be worked out properly, and I guess they will come out of the drawbacks in near future. For the time being, it is good as it is. Pros and cons is just a part of everything on this earth. Just go ahead with it considering all the advantages it is offering to publishers, rather to small publishers mostly.

That’s all said. You may be using either Google Adsense or Chitika AdBrite or some other ad network on your blogs and websites. Do share with us and fellow readers why you have chosen it and whether it is giving you good revenue, justifying your effort.


  1. Chitika is good and one of the leading ad network. But sometimes its rates are far too low, but in a long run and with good CTR its a very good option.

  2. Hello, I just like the post

  3. Thank you very much for your article. I am looking to implement ads for a source of revenue and will definitely consider your advice!

  4. If your website have more than 1000 Visitor, than you can easy earn from Chitika. I Have Apply Chitika ADS On

  5. I also enjoyed your post. I also would like to sign up for the ad network. where to go to sign up.

  6. I used to use Chitika ads on my site, but it was not helping me at all in terms of earnings so I quit using it. It has been quite a while since I used them maybe things have changed. I will give them a try once more.

    • Hi Kojo,
      There’s lots of changes now, do give it a try if you have the right traffic and lets have your experience once more with them.

      Thank you..

  7. Chitika is indeed a great AdSense alternative and also compatible with AdSense as you mentioned.very nice and details information.

  8. can i get html ads code from chitika if yes then please mail me..

  9. just starting out with chitika after using infolinks for big duration…lets see what happens..

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