How to sync iCloud Reminders with Android tablet or mobile

How+to+sync+iCloud+Reminders+with+Android+tablet+or+mobile How to sync iCloud Reminders with Android tablet or mobile

Are you caught in a dilemma of switching from iOS to Android? Sure, Android have some pretty good advantages over the iOS devices, but for some users, the iCloud features provided by the iOS such as the Calendar and the Reminders – especially when you have shared calendars or reminder lists with other iCloud users – is too much to ignore. But worry no more, for we have the perfect solution for you here.

A year ago, an app called the SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar was launched, as a way for Android users to still have a two-way sync with iCloud calendars. But although, the app itself was good, it was severely lacking in some categories. Over the year, the app has been improved by the developers, the reliability of the app improving with each update. The option to sync with reminders was missing though, until recently.

A few days ago, the developer Marten Gajda, released an update that added Reminders sync to the app. If you have used the app previously, then you must have seen that although the app had the Reminders list, when selected, nothing would sync over. This update has come as a tremendous benefit to people who have Android devices but still use Reminders on OS X or iOS as the primary way of staying organized.

To sync with the iCloud Reminders, you will need iCloud Set Up.  There are two apps for your Android device that you can use for this purpose. The first one is the SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar which will cost you about $2.86, and the second one which is a free app called Tasks, made by the same developer to work specifically with the first app and iCloud Reminders.

Once you have both apps downloaded and installed, set up the SmoothSync with your iCloud calendar information and then launch Tasks. It might need a few minutes to sync with your Reminders, depending on the number of lists and entries you have but it will eventually show up.

That’s all. Do share your own process, if you know anyone, or something about iCloud sync with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box. Meanwhile, also do check our other related articles in the “How To” section or else check the “Top 5” category for comparison and ranking articles of iOS and apps.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I use Beesy on iPad for the sync. This app offers interesting sync as Reminders with Yahoo tasks, Outlook (, which can be very handy.

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