How to Fix 404 Error in Blogger Blog and Maximize Traffic

error How to Fix 404 Error in Blogger Blog and Maximize Traffic

If a registered domain is not properly directed to a webpage through the DNS setting, visitors will be directed to a
404 error page. Traffic to the site will be reduced due to increase in “Not found” and Google crawler will stop indexing the site if not fixed.

There will still be traffic coming to the site if only the visitors will include “www” to the domain prefix; not everyone will be patience enough to add this to the domain name which if not added will result to increased “Not found” which will drastically reduce the visitors and the site will be removed from the list of Google Indexing page.
I will explain How to fix this error in blogger when a domain is registered through blogger.
At the end of this tutorial, custom domain can be used to visit a blog in blogger with or without the visitor typing the “www” prefix.
Follow these steps properly to point to your custom domain to your web site if you register your domain through Google. If you have been having 404 error, I am such that after this tutorial on 404 Error Fix you will smile.
Go to, replacing the domain name with your domain name. In this format “”
You will need to login to your Google account utilizing a username and password you previously created specifically for Google Apps for  your domain. If you do not know this information, click ‘Can’t access your account.’ Once logged in,
click the ‘Domain Settings’ tab
Click the Domain Names link
Click on Advanced DNS Settings . Actually, this error is due to wrong Domain Mapping
You will now see your domain provider (Namecheap,Go daddy)
Google Sign-In Name, Password, and PIN.
Click the link Sign-in to DNS Setting Console and use the Sign-in Name and
Password as your login credentials at this point, you will be able to manage your domain name.

To Forward Your Domain Name

Check the box next to the domain name.
           Select Forward Domain from the Forward button in the gray menu above
Enter the full URL that you would like your domain to forward to. Example: (  if you had set up another page you want your visitors to be referred to i.e. if your domain is not available.
Click OK to save changes.
Allow 48 hours for the forwarding to take place.
Before your domain will start to forward, you will need to update your domain’s “A” record and “WWW” CNAME.

To Update the “A” Record

From the Domain Manager, click the domain name
Under the DNS Manager, click Launch
You will need only one A record.
Delete the extra records (IP) by clicking on the DELETE “X” to the right of the record.
Click on the remaining “A” record to edit.
In the Points to field, enter BLOG IP and you are done. People can now visit your website with or without the “www” prefix.


You may have the link to your website functioning well but when you login to your webmaster account and check the health of your site, you may notice that some links were not found.

You can include 301 error redirect code you can check webmaster for details, we are only concern about 404 error in this tutorial.


  1. I moved my blog from wordpress to blogger
    so, the crawls are showing error in my “webmaster tools” account that you about 40 unused links with 404 error. ofcourse that they link were coming from wordpress CMS.
    so what I have to do with these error page? how can I delete them when I don’t have permission (maybe, I don’t know!) in blogger to fix or delete them?

    Best :-)

    • Hi,
      How long has this happened?

      It often happen when you port your blog from blogger to wp. Just give it a little time if you are such you have done the right thing with time, your site will be craw by google crawler again.

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