How to Embed and Build Email list Using Mailchimp in Blogger

Graphicchimp How to Embed and Build Email list Using Mailchimp in Blogger

The major thing everyone interested in making money online should lookout for is list which is often gotten from list building using mailchimp. It is possible to have ample traffic to a webpage when it is properly optimized for search engine visibility,  from the social media and from your list.

List building can be done using varieties of providers but in this post, I will concentrate on building list using.
Mail chimp.
Mailchimp is a publishing platform that can be used in building email newsletter which can be shared on social
media and also embedded in a website or blog. They have evolved and are still changing to serve the end users well. These changes could be attributed to their motto which says” Listen hard and changing fast”

Let us look at the new features that will attract and glue anyone to Mailchimp.

Collaboration: This feature allow team to work together on a campaign by showing who else is currently online
changes made on image, text, colors are also shown in real live on the screen of other team members before the campaign is shared. This alone helps the team to make contributions on the campaign preview it criticize it as well before getting it to the general public.
Responsive: Mailchimp has been optimized for tablets. It can now function not only in Laptops/Desktops
Subscribers Profile: Mailchimp has simplified the subscriber’s profile giving room to those things that are

how to use mailchimp

Below are the steps you can take to embed Mailchimp Subscription form in blogger
> >Create account with Mailchimp at
>>Login to your dashboard and click on List
>>Create your list by filling up the form as required
>>Save the list
>>Click on Design Signup Form:  This is where you can add the information you want to extract from your subscribers
>>Click on Share it tab
>>Click on generate HTML : You will see the preview of the form then copy the code and go to your blogger dashboard on layout click add a gadget then select HTLM/JavaScript,paste the code you have generated,save and view your blog.
Hope this work for you? If you have any question, or you may want to share with us any other method you have used to embed mailchimp in your blogger, let’s have it on the comment form below.

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