Google Reader retiring tomorrow. Know which are the best alternatives

google+reader Google Reader retiring tomorrow. Know which are the best alternatives

Update: Your Google Reader stuff will live until July 15

Tomorrow we will be bidding adieu to Google Reader. In fact, it is better to say that Google is killing off its Google Reader from July 1. If you have been using Google Reader a lot to follow and read news and other updates then it may be a bad news for you. Well, don’t be over upset. Will try to help you with alternatives to the Google Reader.

What is Google Reader

Before I proceed, let me explain to others in brief what is Google Reader actually. It is a Web-based app that pulls in articles from other websites that you subscribe so that all the updated articles there is dropped in your Google Reader app and help you to read and follow all at once.

When was Google Reader launched

Google Reader was launched on October 7, 2005 by Google engineer Chris Wetherell. He changed the way we follow and read news. It was a simple design equipped with infinite news customizability. In a very short span of time Google Reader became the king of the RSS world.

When Google started ditching Google Reader

For years Google shown signs of going far and far with Google Reader RSS app. However, in 2008 when Google released its new web browser, the Chrome, it failed to render RSS feeds. This was the first step to ditch Google Reader by Google. Next, in 2011 the Web giant completely removed Google Reader’s social functions to lure users coming to its newly launched social networking platform Google Plus.

When Google officially announced shutting Google Reader

On March 13, 2013 Google officially announced of shutting down its Google Reader very soon. However, the search giant offered three-month period for users to take a backup of their stuff and switch to other such reading apps provided by other developers. Tomorrow the grace period is ending.

What are the alternatives to Google Reader

This is nature’s law. When one door closes, other opens. To take advantage of the opportunity several tech companies have rushed to lure users of Google Reader to their similar apps. Few of those are as below:

  • Reeder
  • Press
  • Newsify

These three have already announced to sync data of users from Google Reader to their app seamlessly. There are other apps too and one is also coming from Facebook. Though the social giant has not promised of any syncing service from Google Reader to their app, but it is learned the Facebook’s own reader will be something different and integrated in Facebook platform. There are two more reading apps – Feedly, Digg ReaderCurata ReaderThe Old Reader and AOL Reader.


 Google Reader retiring tomorrow. Know which are the best alternatives
Happy Retirement from feedly

As Google announced the retiring of its Google Reader Web app, Feedly became one of the early frontrunners as an alternative to it and within short span of time it managed to grab around 3 million new users. By now it has over twelve million users. It offers easy user interface and helps in smooth importing of Google feeds to it. Yes, in just click of one button you can do so. It is learned Feedly is also coming up with premium option for power users.

Digg Reader

In just three months of time the developers at Digg developed a reader dubbed as Google Reader. Just a week ago it released the beta version of its Digg Reader so that Google Reader users can import their feeds to it. The user interface of it is similar to that of Google Reader and its keyboard shortcuts are similar too. Also, Digg says the import is seamless. Apart from all these, the Digg Reader also facilitates signing in with Twitter, Google and Facebook accounts.

Curata Reader

Curata Reader is one of the cleanest RSS readers for the Web. It has less of content on the screen and offers a refreshing amount of white space. Curata Reader may not be liked by those who wants too many content in one screen, but the few clean lines in it acts as separators between the feeds. The reader also has attractive typefaces, nifty rollover animations and intuitive icons. Overall, the Curata Reader is a beautiful Web site.

The Old Reader

This is a close replica to the Google Reader. The Old Reader was created after the redesigning of the Google Reader in 2011. If you have used the original design of Google Reader, you will find the same layout and familiar colors in The Old Reader. Also, it incorporates with the popular social features to help easy sharing with friends.

AOL Reader

There is nothing special about this AOL Reader, but definitely it is good at the basics. It looks neat and clean and good solution to RSS feeds. You can have the headlines in either list view in it or in a more spread-out look either in Card View or in multiple columns. Well, the AOL Reader is still in the beta phase. Creating an account is easy and fast here. You can sing in to AOL Reader with your Google, Twitter, Facebook or old AOL account.

Still confused which reader to go for after the death of Google Reader? You can try Netvibes or InoReader. Also, if you are looking for a completely different experience then go for Flipboard.

Remember to take backup of your Google Reader stuff before moving it to another reader. You can do so through Google Takeout as an OPML file. For this you need to go to the settings of Google Reader and then to export option. It’s easy. Just check it.

Do share in the below comment box your own favorite reader alternative to Google Reader. At the end, just know Google Reader was a good stuff and plenty of people across the world used it regularly. I too. Well, probably the other alternatives of Google Reader may provide with better user experience and more features.


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