Innovation: Levitation cycle energy creates Wi-Fi hotspot, powers phone

Innovation+ +Levitation+cycle+energy+creates+Wi Fi+hotspot,+powers+phone Innovation: Levitation cycle energy creates Wi Fi hotspot, powers phone

Your cycling can now do something more for you than just helping you reach somewhere or keep your body fit. A new discovery, dubbed as Levitation bike and looks like low-tech Torn Cycle, can help you charge your gadgets. Yes, this can be future.

Designed for the 2013 Hi-Macs Annual Design Contest, the Levitation features on-board generator and a small battery to store generated power while cycling.

After you have stored enough of energy you can use it in two ways. You can either charge your smaller gadgets via the given USB port or can send the energy to the power supply of your home via a drain cable.

The Levitation features a touchscreen LED display and also a mobile WI-Fi hot spot to deliver unlimited access.

The word Levitation means a combination of magnetic levitation and kinetic energy.

Well, this is just an experiment and it things turn out to be true after a couple of more testing, the commercial version of is sure to become a great success. It will be a great thing for cycle trecking where you don’t need to worry about where to charge your mobile phone and other gadgets.

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