How to blog rumored news

blogging How to blog rumored news

On the Web every alternate day there are some sort of rumors and speculations related to technology. Some blog about Apple’s iPhone 5S to be available in different sizes and other writes soon we may come across cheap and plastic version of iPhones. The biggest challenge to us then is to know the authenticity of the information or the degree of truth hidden in it. Let’s discuss how we cop up blogging rumored news.

Collecting primary source

As soon as we come across any rumored news that may be of interest to fans of the brand or product, we hunt for the primary source of the speculation. In case of Apple it is usually from sites such as DigiTimes and Apple Insider. We grab the news and then reassure from more reliable sites covering the story like Cnet or The Verge.

Contacting the source

Next we try to contact the primary source website about the authenticity of the rumor through mail probably. Several times we do get reply from them and if it is satisfactory then we publish the news on our blog.

Collecting past authenticity of the primary source site

We also try to find out other rumors published by the site and how many times those turned to be true. If the percentage is more then we somewhat believe on the current rumor and publish it citing the website.

There is no hard-and-fast rules about all these but this is what exactly we do to cover the rumored news on our blog. It is not that we just want to make reader know about the rumor, but we want them to know those rumors which have high chance of turning to be true.

Do share your own views if you are a blogger about the way you blog rumored news.

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