T-Mobile sells iPhone 5 for $100 contractless

T Mobile+sells+iPhone+5+for+%24100+contractless T Mobile sells iPhone 5 for $100 contractless

First time ever such an attractive price tag comes on Apple’s iPhone 5 under no contract. T-Mobile will start selling April 12 the smartphone for just $99.99. Yes, you read it right. Make down payment of only $99.99 and take home iPhone 5 without setting into any contract by T-Mobile.

At an “Uncarrier” event today in New York T-Mobile announced to give away iPhone on finance for two years. Customers need to pay $20 each month.

T-Mobile also announced it will be selling iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S too under no contract.

Comparing to the plans of iPhone 5 on AT&T network, CEO John Legere said customers will be able to save over $1000 on the device. He added the smartphone will also operate on the 4G LTE network of the carrier.

T-Mobile is the last of the major U.S. carrier to get iPhone. It has steadily lost customers for rivals Verizon Wireless and AT&T over past few years. The carrier is also undergoing major network upgrade to be at par with the rivals by aligning for HSPA+ and 3G service.

Also, the carrier announced at the event the launch of its 4G LTE network.


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  1. Samsung make the Audio chip too,Sharp the screen and so on..Apple re-engineered that A6 chip with 1000 engineers they reckon to do what it does and with superb battery efficiency..

    Apple only have to make one version of the App as such because they only have one device to make it for except screen size differences. Most apps are developed for IOS first because its easy to do with only one device but there is another reason and also why games go to IOS first but cant remember why..

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