SkyDrive no more requires Microsoft account to access shared MS Office documents

skydrive SkyDrive no more requires Microsoft account to access shared MS Office documents

SkyDrive has now made sharing online MS Office documents a bit easier than before.

Earlier Microsoft account was necessary for the one who wants to access the shared documents, but now SkyDrive has deleted the restriction. Now users just need to create a URL of any document of MS Office Web Apps or Office 2013 that is being stored online and mail it to the recipients.

The recipient needs to click on the URL to view the file in Office Web Apps. To edit the file one need to click on a link in the Web app from there and it gets opened in associated Office Web App. Here no more the login account comes in as it was before.

For months Microsoft had been working on SkyDrive and during the November update it also launched SkyDrive app for Windows Phone 8. In December the software giant launched SkyDrive app for Xbox 360 and in January it came up with drag and drop feature in the app.

On February 13 Microsoft will be pulling away the service of Windows Live Mesh and make SkyDrive as its core online storage and syncing service. Mesh users need to switch to SkyDrive by then or need to get an alternative way to take backups of all their files stored online there.

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