Samsung Galaxy S4 to come with 5G Wi-Fi

Samsung+Galaxy+S4+to+come+with+5G+Wi Fi Samsung Galaxy S4 to come with 5G Wi Fi

There are now regular news, leaks and rumors about Samsung’s next flagship smartphone – Galaxy S4. The latest rumor suggest the device to come with 5G Wi-Fi aka 802.11ac.

Source familiar to the plans of Samsung reveals the company is developing new Wi-Fi technology that can be compared with any high-speed wired network.

Some may think it will be a fantasy to have a handset with very high-speed connectivity. But of course not, and if Samsung is developing it. The Korean giant had conducted series of tests earlier on first set of routers and found impressive results with Netgear R6300 to achieve 300Mb per second of speed.

It is further learned the Galaxy S4 to have Broadcom BCM4335 chip. According to general manager of Braodcom the new chip is a combo SoC and offers 802.11ac, Bluetooth and FM radio together in one.

As of now Broadcom is known for their quality and provides best in the wireless broadband communication industry.

Samsung has a lust to produce the best handset in the world. For this reason it will surely come up with 5G Wi-Fi technology.

Earlier rumors suggest the Galaxy S4 will sport 5-inch full HD display, 13MP camera and Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T processor. It will run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean mobile operating system.

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