Create your own blogger template using Artisteer

Template, Blogger, Custom Theme

Let’s start with a simple answer to a question you may have, Artisteer is a web design software which allows users to create various styles of blogger templates. It’s very easy to use by just dragging and dropping. You can also use the software to provide you with a random layout and then work on the same editing bits and pieces till you get the desired result. The best part is that you do not need to spend hours on coding to get the right layout, you do not need to have knowledge of any programming language since it’s so easy to … [Read more...]

Garmin : A Global Positioning System developer | GPS


Garmin, a  GPS developing company founded in 1989 in Kansas by Gary Burrell and Min H Kao, the original name for the company was ProNav but was later renamed to Garmin as a composition of the first two names of its founders. They got their first big customer in 1991 with the US Army . The worldwide operations of Garmin are spread all around with bases in the UK, USA and Taiwan, it operates under different names in certain countries like Formar in Belgium, Garmin AMB in Canada, Belanor in Norway and Trepat in Spain.   … [Read more...]

Arcsoft DVD Slideshow Made Easy

photo editor, slideshow

The Arcsoft DVD slideshow is a program which helps to create DVDs and VCDs that can be played on a regular DVD/VCD player. This software is a good option when it comes to editing pictures burning and importing your home videos,photos and powerpoint files on a DVD or VCD to share and show it to your viewers.   This is a great software to use when you want to share those tedious holiday snaps or holiday videos on say a DVD player and show them on the large screen of a HD TV. The Arcsoft DVD slideshow is also pretty simple to use and you … [Read more...]

Simple ways to make your Camtasia Studio recordings better

camstudio camtasia studio screencast

Camtasia Studio is brilliant software to do screencasting and recoding videos based on the activity done on a computer screen. It can be used both by professionals and novices and that is what makes Camtasia Studio the choice for most users. You may have made recordings earlier or are just about to start using the program but these are just some simple tips to help you on your way.   … [Read more...]

Camtasia tricks for efficient use

screencast Camtasia camstudio

There are many different programs out there to help you record those instructional videos mostly found on youtube but the choice by most users unanimously is the Camstudio since its user interface is so easy to use to make the video as needed. However, there are quite a few tips to help users become more efficient with the software.  If you have not read our post on “Create Screencast using Camtasia Studio” I recommend you do so and stick to camtasia tutorials here or on screencast to make those quality videos you so desired.     … [Read more...]

Create Screencast using Camtasia Studio

camstudio camtasia studio screencast

You see those crazy youtube screencast on how photoshop works or how to write in word? Well you can bet your dollar that it was created using Camtasia Studio. Capturing and recording screen based activity and making a video out of it is what Camtstudio stands for. The recording of cursor based activity, movement and other interactions are easy now. Click on the Record button and every single movement on the computer screen is recorded until you click on the Stop button. The results are great since Camtasia now has a new capture engine which … [Read more...]

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